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  1. King & Queen County Takes Rural Internet Head On

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    In an increasingly connected and internet dependant world there are many areas of the country that face challenges keeping up with modern internet connectivity standards. Especially in rural areas population densities don’t justify private investment in broadband infrastructure. This creates a challenge to economic and residential growth in rural areas.

    A variety of solutions exist, though each with their own pros and cons. Satellite internet access is available virtually anywhere but users are limited by data restrictions and high latency issues. Satellite internet can also be more expensive than standard broadband access, deepening the divide between lower income households and the rest of the population. Federal involvement similar to rural electrification in the 1930s could incentivise the laying of broadband cable to rural areas, but this seems like the least likely solution to actually happen given the divisive political climate at the federal level, broken budgets, and the political reality of catering to areas with less voters. A popular solution currently in use is access through mobile networks with cell phones and 4G hotspots. While this is a good solution for some, for people whose homes are outside of 4G coverage this option is a non-starter, and as internet users in populated areas start using new services such as cloud storage and computing that rely on ever increasing internet speeds, these services will outstretch existing mobile network’s capabilities.

    Another solution, which King & Queen has put together without federal assistance, is wireless broadband. Wireless broadband, which works independently of current mobile networks, addresses most of the deficiencies of the other alternatives to create rural internet access. It has also proven successful in other parts of the country and world where internet access is an issue. Over 75% of the county is covered with wireless broadband including commercial corridors along Routes 33 and 360. Rural broadband access is an issue the county takes very seriously. You can read more about our efforts on this in Virginia Business.

  2. Business Feature – Fulcrum Concepts

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    Fulcrum Concepts, which opened for business just over a year ago chose King & Queen as the ideal place to set up shop. Fulcrum chose the county for a variety of reasons including proximity to military-trained personnel, a business friendly climate, and improvements at Middle Peninsula Regional Airport. Speaking about their choice Michael Zinanni had the following to say.

    “The Middle Peninsula Regional Airport Authority, King and Queen County and the neighboring localities definitely contributed to Fulcrum Concepts’ decision to relocate to the airport due to the business-friendly environment […] The airport has come under outstanding professional management, enhanced airport service and navigational aid improvement, and significant infrastructure improvements to include a runway and taxiway resurface able to accommodate a wide variety of aircraft.”
    -Source Virginia Business.

    In addition to a growing regional airport and business friendly climate, the county also offers nearby access to additional domestic and international travel from major airports in Norfolk/Newport News, Richmond, and Northern Virginia.


    Fulcrum Concepts LLC is a veteran-owned small business that provides full spectrum integrated solutions to customers with unique tactical requirements. The company is made up, almost exclusively, of retired Army Special Operations personnel from a variety of disciplines; flight leads, ground force commanders, ground operators, intel analysts, sensor operators, crew chiefs, armament personnel, and communications specialists providing solutions derived from more than two hundred years of combined experience planning, preparing for, and executing high risk, no fail missions for the USG.